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Vesanto Melina MS, Registered Dietitian  is a sought-after speaker and personal consultant; she has taught nutrition at the University of British Columbia and Bastyr University in Seattle. She is lead author of the latest position paper on vegetarian diets for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and is recipient of the prestigious Ryley Jeffs Award from Dietitians of Canada.

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Books include:
Plant-Powered Protein Reached first place on Amazon.com in the sustainability category
The Kick Diabetes CookBook

Becoming Vegan: Comprehensive Edition rated #1 among top 11 plant-based books, winner of the REAL Top 10 Book Award, with star rating by the American Library Association as “the go-to book” on vegan nutrition, and fully referenced for health professionals and nutrition enthusiasts (with Brenda Davis)
Becoming Vegan: Express Edition (the condensed version), winner of the Canada Book Award and Foreword Book of the Year top 10, and given star rating by the American Library Association as “the go-to book” on vegan nutrition (with Brenda Davis), 
Cooking Vegan (Cooking Vegetarian in Canada), with Joseph Forest
Becoming Raw with Brenda Davis and Raw Food Revolution Diet, with Brenda Davis, and Cherie Soria

Vesanto Melina MS Registered Dietitian, has co-authored 14 best selling books – They can be found on Amazon and through local book stores. Various of her books have been translated into 10 languages. They have now sold almost 1,000,000 copies in English alone.


Comments from Presentations

Love, Shruti (from Mumbia India)
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Dear Vesanto, It’s been such a delight to be your student. You are full of energy, love, and enthusiasm. There is so much more that I have learned from you and it’s beyond the curriculum. I am so grateful to you for sharing your knowledge and passion with me. I love and admire your energy and smile. Hope to see you soon.
Katelyn (from Texas)
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Vesanto, you are such an inspiring woman! Seeing all the things you have accomplished and continue to do in your life is awe-inspiring. Thank you so much for putting in the time and effort to share your knowledge with us. I hope we meet again.
Much Love, Linda (from Florida and Virginia)
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Dearest Vesanto, It has been such an honor and pleasure meeting you! You are such a bright light. Thank you for teaching and for sharing so much information. We will take it with us forever. All the best to you always.
Clementine (from New York City)
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Vesanto , you are a superstar. To be around you is uplifting. I cannot tell you how many times you made me smile. Keep on doing the good work that you do and hopefully see you again soon.
Alana (from San Francisco)
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Thank you so very much for giving me an honest perspective on nutrition, for looking over my blog post, filling me in on what I missed, when I was out sick, and being so upbeat, supportive, curious, and encouraging. It was such a pleasure to learn from you and Brenda and you two make a great team. Thank you for teaching me so I am a nutritionally informed and aware chef.
Mylene (from the Phillipines)
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Dear Vesanto, I wish to find a word that could describe how grateful I am, meeting you and learning all this nutrition that I so needed in my healthy journey…so let me simply say in our language. MARAMING SALAMAT! You are an inspiration and a gift to many. I wish this is not the last time we see each other.
Neda, (from Vancouver BC)
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Just wanted to tell you I thought you were brilliant tonight on Instagram!’ So lovely to see you and Michael get into nutrition specifics. Very interesting about vitamin A discovery!
Jim, (from Honolulu)
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I enjoyed your talk and hope to benefit from many of your tips on fine tuning our diets. Your presentation was well organized, informative, and persuasive.
Karl, (from Honolulu)
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Your organization, how it fits together in your mind, your strong use and quick recall of the research results , including the most recent ones, are novel, refreshing, and convincing.
The Taste of Health Team, (from Vancouver)
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We at EarthSave Canada wish to express our gratitude to you for your inspiring presentation at our Anniversary Taste of Health. Our show this year would truly have not been the same without you! You broght a much needed nutritional perspective to the show and for that we thank you. Your message is heartfelt, profound, inspiring, and insightful.
Dietitians of Canada, (from Kingston ON)
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Excellent, enthusiastic speaker. The personal experience of speaker was valuable.
Jennifer, (from Louisville KY)
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Thank you again for your wonderful presentation. You’ve made a big difference in the lives of many Louisvillians!