Whole Grain Cereal

Recipe: Whole Grain Cereal

Summary: Makes 5 cups \"090513215408-large\"


  • 1/3 cup each of brown rice, wheat berries, and millet or barley; OR 1/3 cup each of oat groats, kamut berries, and millet or barley.
    Note: For a high protein yet gluten free combination:
    1/3 cup each of any three of these: brown rice, buckwheat, millet, quinoa, or amaranth.Dried Fruit: Experiment with raisins, cranberries, currants, or chopped apricots, prunes, figs or dates.1 cup               uncooked grain (for example, use 1/3 cup each of combinations above)
    4 cups              water
    1/2 tsp             salt (or to taste )
    1/2 cup            dried fruit
    1/2 cup           fortified soymilk or rice milk


  1. Place grains, water and salt (if using) in the top of double boiler or a heavy pot and bring to a boil. If using a double boiler, place above boiling water and simmer for 2-3 hours. If pan is directly over heat, lower heat, and simmer for 2-3 hours, checking occasionally that it does not boil dry. If necessary, add a little water. Add dried fruit and milk and cook for another 1/2 hour. Serve with fresh fruit and your choice of milk.

Preparation time: 2-3 hour(s)

Cooking time: 30 minute(s)

Diet type: Vegan

Number of servings (yield): 5

Culinary tradition: USA (General)

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