Raising Vegetarian children

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Not So Happy Meals

Over a 15-year period, studies show a dramatic increase in the number of overweight (tripled) and obese (quadrupled) Canadian children. (1) In the US, which has similar statistics, the Centers for Disease Control states that one child in three born since the year 2000 will develop diabetes during his or her lifetime. In many families,

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Warms You, Not the Planet

Changing your diet can be as effective in reducing emissions of climate-changing gases as changing (or eliminating) the car you drive, installing a geothermal heating system or doing away with the clothes dryer. In fact, according to the Worldwatch Institute and the World Health Organization, our dietary choices have significantly more impact. Support for a

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Fast Food for Health

Teachers in our schools are supplied with a multitude of resources from the closely aligned meat and dairy industries. These materials are designed to establish in children’s minds the idea that we must eat meat to obtain iron and that cow’s milk is essential for bone building in humans. Neither of these industry-derived fabrications is

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Healthy, Delicious, and Easy (Family Meals)

At last we can celebrate spring and spend more time in the outdoors! Here is a list of simple or collaborative meals for when you return home. These and similar ideas are from Raising Vegetarian Children by J. Stepaniak and V. Melina (McGraw-Hill 2003). 1. Create a spread of make-your-own-tacos. Set out taco shells or

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