Food Allergy Survival Guide

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Reversing Chronic Disease: Magic!

Reversing Chronic Disease: Magic! By Vesanto Melina, MS, RD, with Agathe Mathieu People can be burdened with a chronic illness that they think will be their lifelong companion. Yet science is giving us strong indicators that simple lifestyle changes can rid us of rheumatoid arthritis, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and can decrease risk or […]

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Arthritis, Allergies, & Raw Food Diets

Can changing your diet help with symptoms of arthritis or fibromyalgia? Research shows that a change in diet can definitely help some people with these conditions. I am pleased to see the Arthritis Society’s online material now mentions Scandinavian studies that show links between diet and an improvement in health. At this point, the research

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Fine Dining With Health in Mind

Sparkling white soup bowls are placed before us, each with a cluster of exotic salad greens at its centre.  Our charming server pours a creamy green soup into our bowls from an elegant pitcher, and the greens become a leafy island. Thus dinner begins: a Spring Pea Veloute garnished with Lemon Scented Baby Herb Salad.

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Sky, Sea, Road and Rail

For many of us, winter brings the pleasure of travel. For some, it’s an escape from cold and rain, or the best season to visit exotic locations; for others, it’s an opportunity to reconnect with distant family members. Work-related trips recently took me toCaliforniaand then toBarcelona, and this column was inspired by my “Strict Vegetarian”

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Facing the World Without Egg on Our Face

People eliminate egg from their diets for numerous reasons. These range from its prominence as one of the top eight allergens, to health concerns (fat and cholesterol), to animal rights reasons. (1) (2) Egg contains several proteins to which many people react; most are in the white. Even when white and yolk are separated, there

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Your Happy Healthy Heart

Fifteen years ago, Dr. Dean Ornish revolutionized our approach to heart disease when he demonstrated that individuals with serious heart disease could reverse their condition with lifestyle changes (that did not include the use of medication). His 4-point program for reversing heart disease included: 1.      a very low fat vegetarian diet (less than10% calories from

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Share Your Love: Gifts for People and the Environment

Would you like to put a positive spin on gift giving this holiday season? Do you shy away from Christmas commercialism, yet wonder what to offer those you love? Consider these gifts that keep on giving and that have far-reaching benefits: Items that help people enjoy the great outdoors: cross country or downhill skis, tennis

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