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Stir Fries for Men

Recipe: Stir Fries for He-Men Summary: If you want to pick a single recipe as your standby, a stir fry is the one to choose. The process is fun, you can create your masterpiece alone or in company, and the possibilities are limitless. The combinations shown here are just a suggestion; add or delete ingredients

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Healthy Dining (encouraging restaurants to add vegan options)

We all love tasty food, enticing flavours and relaxing at restaurants with friends and family. We feel good about looking after our health, having compassion for animals and caring for the planet. What about doing all these things at the same time? Or is that combination virtually impossible? Vegetarian restaurants are an excellent option and

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Veggie Eating Gone Mainstream

Bill Clinton has gone vegan. Oprah had her 378 staffers go vegan for a week and they lost 444 pounds collectively. To celebrate nutrition month (March), plenty of people are shifting their diets toward plant foods and becoming vegan or near-vegan. However, does this automatically mean they will be eating healthier? Not necessarily. People often

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Healthy, Delicious, and Easy Summer Eating

School\’s out (or will be soon) and bathing suit time is here. Who wants to be indoors cooking? Not me. Probably not you. Fast food may have a bad name, but the truth is that healthy eating can be quick and tasty. Here are a few food ideas that will appeal to all ages and

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