Becoming Vegetarian

Your Happy Healthy Heart

Fifteen years ago, Dr. Dean Ornish revolutionized our approach to heart disease when he demonstrated that individuals with serious heart disease could reverse their condition with lifestyle changes (that did not include the use of medication). His 4-point program for reversing heart disease included: 1.      a very low fat vegetarian diet (less than10% calories from […]

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Dietary Dilemmas and Diplomacy

Will you share holiday meals with family and friends who range from turkey-loving carnivores through to vegetarians, vegans, or raw foods entusiasts? With such diverse tastes to satisfy, creating a festive menu presents a challenge. Here\’s a typical scenario, plus a few possible solutions. Each year, a different member of your family takes a turn

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Savoring Winter Squash

As we move into the season of winter celebrations, we welcome warming meals shared with family and friends. Winter squash has many appealing qualities: these hearty vegetables form attractive, edible centerpieces at festive dinners; their dense texture is richly satisfying; they are rich in fibre, B vitamins such as folic acid and thiamin, and the

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