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Plant-based Meetups

by Vesanto Melina

Some people call our fair city “Vegcouver”.  One reason is that when we go to the helpful guide for plant-based eating, www.happycow.net , and search Vancouver BC, we find no less than 99 listings. (These include vegan and vegetarian restaurants.)   If we narrow our filter just to vegan restaurants, we still end up with 42 listings. A significant number have lineups every night of the week. They are opening second and third locations, suggesting that the demand for vegan food in Vancouver has not been met, and is growing.

British Columbia appears to be leading a dietary revolution, particularly with those aged 35 and under, nearly 40 per cent of whom say they follow a vegan or vegetarian diet, according to one national survey. When we look at all age groups, more than 8 percent are vegetarian, and almost half of these are vegan, in that they include no dairy, eggs or other animal products.

The transition toward a more plant-based diet is easiest with the support of others following the same diet. Whether for dining companions, dating, discovering great food options, or learning about nutrition, a great way to start building connections is to go to www.meetup.com, enter your city, then the word “vegetarian” or “vegan” or just “veg”.

You will discover groups offering a variety of meetups, including veg dine-outs at vegetarian and non-vegetarian restaurants, potlucks, and other events. Some groups are fairly exclusive, inviting vegetarians and vegans, while others welcome omnivores who just want to explore tasty plant-based eating and are not yet certain where they will end up. Make sure to read each group’s About page.

You will meet people who care about climate change; people who take care with recycling (or want to learn more about this); individuals who love animals, and especially, people who care about people. When I travel the world and connect with vegetarian groups from Reykjavik to Granada, and Kauai to Dresden, I discover a world that is far more positive than the perspective you might get by watching the news. People who attend these events are inspired that through our life choices, we can make a difference.

With the support of resources like www.happycow.net and the veggie groups on www.meetup.com, there has never been a better time to explore a dietary change. The friends you may make along the way are simply a welcome side benefit!

Vesanto Melina is a Vancouver-based dietitian; with websites  nutrispeak.com and becomingvegan.ca. and award winning books Becoming Vegan: Comprehensive Edition and the Express Edition (with Brenda Davis) and Stargold the Food Fairy: The Plant-based Edition (with Claudia Lemay)  Her email is  vesanto.melina@gmail.com.

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