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Becoming Vegan

Bridging the Gap

The following scenario offers a way to bridge the gap between vegetarians and non-vegetarians. And if you or a family member follow a particular diet for health reasons or because of allergies, you can replace the word “vegetarian” with the specific term for your diet while still using similar reasoning. You are part of a social group in which most members know each other fairly well. One evening, someone makes… Read More »Bridging the Gap

Obesity Through a Straw

Have you ever drank a 20-ounce soda? That’s the size many adults and teens are drinking today. Or would you ever sit down and eat 16 teaspoons of sugar from a sugar bowl, one spoonful after another? When you drink a 20-ounce soda, you’re consuming 16 teaspoons of sugar, the equivalent of a third of a cup. In the 1950s, the typical size of a serving of soda pop was… Read More »Obesity Through a Straw

Sample a Taste of Health

Vancouver’s healthy food festival, Taste of Health, has become a welcome September tradition and reflects the vegetarian festivals that are increasingly popular across North America. It’s a fun, inexpensive way for families to spend a day or weekend. It’s also a great way for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike to sample healthy foods and discover how small, dietary changes will impact climate change. Earthsave Canada’s 10th annual food festival includes cooking… Read More »Sample a Taste of Health

Climate Change: We Care

What’s responsible for all this climate change? Most Canadians will point to the closest SUV or freeway. As it turns out, our sky-high gas prices have a plus side; they are forcing us to reconsider our highly polluting transportation habits. Yet transportation isn’t the biggest contributor to global warming. Livestock generate even more global warming gases, including immense volumes of methane from enteric fermentation by ruminants (gas from both ends… Read More »Climate Change: We Care

Mastering Mindful Eating

Here we are again. It’s that time of year when we feel the aftermath of our holiday overindulgence and panic sets in. When we try to detect our “tight abs,” we discover they are hidden by even more layers of fat. We scour the supermarket checkout stands for the newest, quick-fix diet. We sign up for gym memberships and fitness classes, with a nagging memory of how we typically drop… Read More »Mastering Mindful Eating

5 Tips For an Extra Decade of Life

Do you long for days with a few more hours? If you can`t lengthen the clock, would you choose ten extra years of life, especially a decade that is lived in vibrant health? For the past 30 years, researchers have gathered clues about which practices can extend our lives.  Some of the research centers on Seventh-day Adventists because of their lifestyles that typically include regular exercise and avoidance of smoking… Read More »5 Tips For an Extra Decade of Life

What Do I Do With Kale?

Kale has been hitting the headlines as a superstar among greens that are outstanding sources of calcium. It is an outstanding source of calcium (and the mineral is readily available to the body); is an excellent source of carotenoids (which are converted to vitamin A) and vitamins C and K; and provides iron.The calcium in many greens (kale, collards, broccoli, okra, Oriental greens such as bok choy, and turnip and… Read More »What Do I Do With Kale?

Ruthless, Relentless Reduction

It’s not for everyone; that’s certain. But some of us reach a point when enough is enough. In fact it’s more than enough. We’re fed up with lugging around pounds and pounds of excess body fat. We yearn for that lean feeling around our midsection, instead of a bulge of flab. We want to stride along with a sense of power and enjoyment of the body we inhabit. We wish… Read More »Ruthless, Relentless Reduction

Plant Protein: Perfect for People

When people switch toward a diet that is more plant-centered, a question often encountered is “Where do you get your protein?”  As it turns out, it’s easy to get more than enough protein from plant foods. For example, here’s how much protein we get from each of the following: a cup of lentils or beans (such as black, garbanzo,lima, navy, kidney, pinto, or white beans) provides 14 to 18 grams… Read More »Plant Protein: Perfect for People

An Even More Inconvenient Truth? (Part 2)

In the January issue of Common Ground magazine, this column addressed the report released late in 2006 by the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization, stating that cattle in the meat and dairy industries generate more global warming greenhouse gases than can be blamed on transportation and use of vehicles.(1) Here we continue with a recent study by Italian and Swiss environmentalists that compares meat-based and plant-based diets, equivalent in… Read More »An Even More Inconvenient Truth? (Part 2)