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Dietitian Feedback

Comments from Dietitians attending Vesanto Melina’s Presentations and Seminars

“Thank you very much for contributing so significantly to our American Heart Month campaign by sharing your expertise and knowledge on a vegetarian lifestyle.  The programs you conducted were very well received, timely and informative.”

  Pam Mahre, MS, RD,

     Dining Services, Central Washington University, ,

     Ellensburg, WA

“On behalf of the Lecture Series Committee, I would like to thank you so much for participating in this year’s Dimensions of Cancer Lecture Series. The participants in both the public and staff lectures found the sessions to be very helpful, as evidenced by the positive comments on the evaluations.  The thought and extra effort you put into making the lectures pertinent to the participants certainly came through.”

 Edith Stokes, RD

    Toronto-Sunnybrook Regional Cancer Centre 

“Good slides!”

“Good cartoons!”

“Well organized, straight to the point, (excellent slides).”

“Clarity of presentation.”

“Happy lecturer!”


“It clarifies certain myths that I have about vegetarian diet.”

“I learned lots!  Very inspiring.”

“Presenter was very good, dynamic, great presentation, lots of time for questions.”

“Content – well researched;  presenter – articulate and informative.”

 Quotes from Toronto-Sunnybrook Regional Cancer Centre staff,

    attending staff presentation

“I was one of the dietitians lucky enough and privileged to attend your workshop in Kingston last month.  I wanted to write to thank you for giving this session.    I think you’re very much the right person with the right subject at the right time.   The approach of finding value in different positions was much appreciated.”

 Pat Bradley-White, Registered Dietitian,

     Ottawa Civic Hospital

“Your easy and informative delivery style made it easy for even the unconverted to obtain meaningful information.  From the enthusiastic response to participation in the recipe testing project, it is clear that the project is timely.”

  Carollyne Conlinn, MPH, MBA,   

    Vice President, Western Region, Versa Services, and

    then President, Canadian Dietetics Association

   (in reference to a presentation to managers of 85

    large food service operations.)

“Appreciated broad overview of issues related to vegetarianism. Excellent. Couldn’t possibly cram more into one day.”

Registered Dietitian attending workshop in

Kingston, Ontario

“I most appreciated the up-to-date research and extensive references.”

 Dorothy Derk, Clinical Dietitian, Penticton, B.C.

“The Vegetarian Food Guide was the first such practical guideline…”

  Carol Falconer, Registered Dietitian,

     Mental Health Services, Vancouver, B.C. 

“A most needed workshop in these times for dietitians who want to better service their vegetarian clients.  In the future, vegetarian nutrition will play a more important role in health maintenance and disease prevention.”

   Irene Dufresne, Dietitian

     Creston Valley Hospital, Creston, B.C.

“I am noticing an increase in the number of inquires concerning vegetarianism and your workshop has provided me with a wealth of information. Thank you for being the inspiration behind it all.”

Monique Wilcox, RD

     Coordinator, Clinical Foods Services

     The Worker’s Compensation Board

     Richmond, B.C.


Sheila Howat, Registered Dietitian

      Queensway Carleton Hospital, Ontario

“I appreciated the list of references, discussion, practical suggestions and excellent lunch!”

  Sophie Ares, Registered Dietitian, Ontario

“I feel 120% satisfied. The best value for the money it cost. Great variety of learning techniques: overheads, visuals, taste panels, cartoons.”

  K. Hammond, Registered Dietitian, Ontario

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