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Plant-based Meetups

NUTRISPEAK by Vesanto Melina Some people from Winnipeg call our fair city “Vegcouver”.  One good reason is that when we go to the helpful guide for plant-based eating, , and search Vancouver BC, we find no less than 244 listings. (These include vegan, vegetarian and veg-friendly restaurants, as well as other food outlets.)   If we narrow our filter just to vegan restaurants, we still end up with 25 listings. A… Read More »Plant-based Meetups

Vancouver Restaurants

By Vesanto Melina with Nancy Callan Vancouver is the first Canadian city to embrace “Meatless Monday,” encouraging residents to forego meat one day a week for the sake of the planet and their health. Whether you choose an entirely vegetarian restaurant or one that includes plant-based options our fair city offers a lot to the adventurous and to those who prefer more familiar menu items on Monday or any day.… Read More »Vancouver Restaurants

Healthy Dining (encouraging restaurants to add vegan options)

We all love tasty food, enticing flavours and relaxing at restaurants with friends and family. We feel good about looking after our health, having compassion for animals and caring for the planet. What about doing all these things at the same time? Or is that combination virtually impossible? Vegetarian restaurants are an excellent option and many of us regularly refer to the ‘app’ on our cell phone to locate… Read More »Healthy Dining (encouraging restaurants to add vegan options)

Food and Compassion

You have just dined and however scrupulously the slaughterhouse is concealed in the graceful distance of miles, there is complicity. – Ralph Waldo Emerson Humans are magnificent creatures capable of achieving great heights. Although at times less than obvious, there is much goodness in humankind. Never before in history has any species invested so much time in helping other creatures. We love others. We try to remedy injustice. We feed people… Read More »Food and Compassion

Should You Go Raw?

Yet when we look at the science, what do we learn about those who follow raw food diets? Do raw food enthusiasts fare as well or better than those on well-balanced vegetarian and semi-vegetarian diets? Is a raw diet appropriate for children? Must we be 100 percent raw to enjoy the benefits? When our diet is centred on fruits and veggies, can we get enough protein, iron and calcium? When… Read More »Should You Go Raw?

Canadian Food Trends to 2020

This study looks ahead at Canadian food and beverage consumption to the year 2020. It provides valuable insight into our evolving consumer environment as well as the developing opportunities for the domestic agriculture and agri-food sector. This report combines factors and issues that are expected to drive consumer attitudes and perceptions using consumption forecasts based on Canadian statistical history. It suggests what food and beverage products consumers may want to… Read More »Canadian Food Trends to 2020