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Raw Foods

Fine Tuning Your Fat Intake

February is heart month. Whereas past research focused on the amount of dietary fat as a trigger for cardiovascular disease, we now know that both quantity and qualityof fat impact our blood vessels. From “The New Becoming Vegetarian” (US title), “Becoming Vegetarian” (Canadian title),  by Vesanto Melina and Brenda Davis, here are 6 steps to making the fat in your diet work for you instead of against you. Step 1. Get 15… Read More »Fine Tuning Your Fat Intake

Food and Fitness for Sexy Seniors

Life begins after your first half century. For many of us, age 50 is not the end of the road; it’s the beginning. If you can relate to this, consider what new ventures you have undertaken since you turned 50, 60, or 70. I know a number of women that are having the best sex ever at this stage of life. They have linked up with wonderful partners in creative… Read More »Food and Fitness for Sexy Seniors

Spring Cleaning

When in doubt, throw out! It’s time for the honoured rituals of spring-cleaning (of home and body). Unless you’re of the “Why Clean? It Will Only Get Dirty Again” school of thought, read on. Over time, our body has accumulated toxins, often stored in fat cells. These may have come through diet, use of prescription or other drugs, and environmental exposure. We have marvelous ways to clear or transform toxins… Read More »Spring Cleaning

Drinking Our Way to Slimness

Hey, what’s this? Upon glimpsing this title, did the hope flash that a daily ration of margaritas might provide a route to the new, slim you, for 2005? Or perhaps a Venti Latte diet? No such luck. In fact, it’s just the contrary. Eight ounces of margaritas provides 500 calories. A single beer provides between 110 and170 calories, (about 1000 in a 6-pack) and a martini 190 calories. It is… Read More »Drinking Our Way to Slimness

Dietary Dilemmas and Diplomacy

Will you share holiday meals with family and friends who range from turkey-loving carnivores through to vegetarians, vegans, or raw foods entusiasts? With such diverse tastes to satisfy, creating a festive menu presents a challenge. Here’s a typical scenario, plus a few possible solutions. Each year, a different member of your family takes a turn in hosting the big holiday meal. This will be your first year as a vegetarian… Read More »Dietary Dilemmas and Diplomacy