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Raw Foods

Carcinogens and Cooking

Have you ever thought of going mainly or entirely raw? You’d likely shed a few pounds. And that’s not all. Some of our favourite tastes are linked to by-products of cooking that are bad, bad, bad for us. When food is cooked, especially at high temperatures, by-products can form that pose a threat to health. Among the most notorious are heterocyclic amines (HCAs), polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), advanced glycation end-products… Read More »Carcinogens and Cooking

Veggies for Vitality

If the word “vegetables” doesn’t conjure in your mind sensations of colour, fragrance, delicious flavour and bountiful health, it’s time to update your attitude about these amazing foods. When we have a savoury dip, crackers, and salad for lunch, and build our dinner around veggies, we consume a wealth of vitamins, minerals and other nutritious compounds. More than any other group of foods, vegetables have proven their worth as cancer… Read More »Veggies for Vitality

Raw Food Revolution

The raw foods movement is making headlines. Why? Reasons include awareness about the environmental impacts of our food choices, interest in going organic and the desire to eat lower on the food chain. And across North America, people are viewing their expanding waistlines with horror. Centring one’s diet on raw plant foods offers a mighty appealing solution. Why is this a solution? One reason is that some of us consumers… Read More »Raw Food Revolution

Go for Green

Green is a big plus when it comes to nutrition. Whether it is a salad or vibrant florets of steamed broccoli, a green juice or a smoothie, the green derives from the chlorophyll molecule, with magnesium right in its centre. Greens are packed with a multitude of minerals and abundant vitamins. (See recipe below.) Green is also an outstanding choice when it comes to political parties. The Green Party, now rising to… Read More »Go for Green

Sample a Taste of Health

Vancouver’s healthy food festival, Taste of Health, has become a welcome September tradition and reflects the vegetarian festivals that are increasingly popular across North America. It’s a fun, inexpensive way for families to spend a day or weekend. It’s also a great way for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike to sample healthy foods and discover how small, dietary changes will impact climate change. Earthsave Canada’s 10th annual food festival includes cooking… Read More »Sample a Taste of Health

Food and Special Needs

Each of us is unique in our food and nutrition needs and this is no less true for those of us with various disabilities. I’ve begun to discover some of the special challenges and solutions to be encountered while I’ve been working with a heart warming non-profit society in Abbotsford called the HOME Society. Food has often been used as a way of placating, distracting or rewarding people receiving special… Read More »Food and Special Needs

Mastering Mindful Eating

Here we are again. It’s that time of year when we feel the aftermath of our holiday overindulgence and panic sets in. When we try to detect our “tight abs,” we discover they are hidden by even more layers of fat. We scour the supermarket checkout stands for the newest, quick-fix diet. We sign up for gym memberships and fitness classes, with a nagging memory of how we typically drop… Read More »Mastering Mindful Eating

Have a Berry Delicious Summer!

Many of us love July because this is the month that nature brings out her berries and stone fruits in abundance.  These colorful and sweet jewels fromBritish Columbia’s fields and orchards are little powerhouses of nutritional protection. Of the common berries, strawberries are highest in vitamin C; and because of their seeds, raspberries contain a little more protein (not that fruits have much protein), iron, and zinc; both berries provide… Read More »Have a Berry Delicious Summer!

Nondairy Calcium: Why? How?

In recent months, this column has touched on our food choices and their impact on global warming. Since the Food and Agriculture Organization’s recent report “Livestock’s Long Shadow”, many of us are choosing to be part of the solution, rather than worsening the problem. The FAO report confirmed that livestock, including dairy cattle, are a major contributor to today’s serious environmental problems and that urgent action is required to remedy… Read More »Nondairy Calcium: Why? How?

Aches, Pains and Diet

Stiffness, arthritis, and aching joints: what have these to do with diet? The causes of various forms of arthritis are complex and sometimes little understood. Yet recent research indicates that foods can significantly affect arthritic symptoms for certain people. For example: * Some individuals with rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, or fibromyalgia.find that avoiding certain foods reduces symptoms. * Ensuring adequate amounts of essential nutrients (omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, and vitamin… Read More »Aches, Pains and Diet