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Raw Foods

Acid-Base Balance (part 2): Kidneys, Muscles and Bones

In our September issue, we reviewed research related to acid-base balance and diet. To summarize: meats, dairy products, and grains are acid-forming, meaning that after these foods are digested and metabolized, they influence body fluids to be acidic. This is due to the particular mix of amino acids and minerals such as sulphur and phosphate. In contrast, vegetables and fruits influence toward the slightly alkaline direction that our body needs due to… Read More »Acid-Base Balance (part 2): Kidneys, Muscles and Bones

Acid-alkaline balance (part 1)

Several decades ago, western nutrition had little interest in acid-base balance, yet it was a central theme in macrobiotic eating and in eastern approaches to health. Things have changed and western scientists now recognize dietary patterns can put an immense burden on the body to restore an optimal acid-base balance. Our kidneys, in partnership with our lungs, must maintain the acidity or pH of our body fluids within a very… Read More »Acid-alkaline balance (part 1)

Feast Your Eyes!

Can our diet affect how well we see? Yes, indeed. Most of us learned in grade school that eating carrots helps us see at night, but it goes far beyond that. In fact, eating colourful fruits and vegetables can assist our vision in numerous ways. Vegetables and fruits, with their wealth of antioxidants, have proven to be effective in the prevention of cataracts. With cataracts, the normally crystalline lens of… Read More »Feast Your Eyes!

Raw for a Day

If you’d like a raw adventure, here’s an experiment to try. Turn your back on your toaster, microwave and stove and eat uncooked foods for a day. The menu below was developed for travelling or for those days when you need to cut preparation to a minimum. To meet recommended calcium intakes without milks or supplements, greens are in every meal, even breakfast! Figs, oranges, tahini and greens – lettuce,… Read More »Raw for a Day

My Two-week Water Diet

I recently underwent a fascinating, life-altering three weeks. For two of those weeks, my diet consisted of bread and water – without the bread. And I am not someone who has experienced anorexia. Quite the contrary – I was drawn to the field of nutrition because of my love for food (nutritious or not) and snacking has been a recurrent downfall. But fate flung at me an inflammatory sports-related condition… Read More »My Two-week Water Diet

A Caveman Diet?

Would a Paleo diet work in today’s world? Would it be an optimal way for everyone to eat? Although we might envision a past Garden of Eden or a tribe of hunter-gatherers for whom life was simple and food was unprocessed and free of additives and pesticides, how realistic is it for us to adopt the diet from the Palaeolithic Era? Well, it is unrealistic for a number of reasons.… Read More »A Caveman Diet?

Arthritis, Allergies, & Raw Food Diets

Can changing your diet help with symptoms of arthritis or fibromyalgia? Research shows that a change in diet can definitely help some people with these conditions. I am pleased to see the Arthritis Society’s online material now mentions Scandinavian studies that show links between diet and an improvement in health. At this point, the research is limited and the groups studied are small (typically fewer than two dozen people). Below… Read More »Arthritis, Allergies, & Raw Food Diets

Sprout Your Way to Health

Mung beans and lentils are seeds with the potential and life force to grow into large, strong plants. For this purpose, these little embryos contain a rich store of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and carbohydrates, all ready and waiting for the right conditions of heat, moisture and oxygen to be present in order to grow. As soon as seeds germinate, chemical changes occur, including some that provide us with health… Read More »Sprout Your Way to Health

Should You Go Raw?

Yet when we look at the science, what do we learn about those who follow raw food diets? Do raw food enthusiasts fare as well or better than those on well-balanced vegetarian and semi-vegetarian diets? Is a raw diet appropriate for children? Must we be 100 percent raw to enjoy the benefits? When our diet is centred on fruits and veggies, can we get enough protein, iron and calcium? When… Read More »Should You Go Raw?

Hurrah for Raw

In last month’s column, we explored by-products from cooking that can pose a threat to human health: HCAs (heterocyclic amines), PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons), AGEs (advanced glycation end-products) and acrylamide. To help them achieve vibrant health, many people go raw or, at least, increase the proportion of raw food on their plates. Raw, vegan diets offer impressive advantages, such as helping overweight people lose weight and reducing the risk of… Read More »Hurrah for Raw