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Fast Food for Health

Teachers in our schools are supplied with a multitude of resources from the closely aligned meat and dairy industries. These materials are designed to establish in children’s minds the idea that we must eat meat to obtain iron and that cow’s milk is essential for bone building in humans. Neither of these industry-derived fabrications is

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Nutritious Eating On The Go

Do you often find that you need something that you can grab as you rush out the door, and can eat on the run or at your destination? Does a commute to work replace a leisurely time at the breakfast table. Do you attend school but find your best time to eat something nourishing is

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Healthy Travels

In addition to taking a little extra vitamin D, I typically try to go somewhere sunny for a week or two during our grey days of winter and early spring. In March, I had the opportunity to attend the Fifth International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition, this year in California. (Program overview at www.vegetariannutrition.org/program-overview.html). This conference,

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Beauty Outside, Beauty In

From — and even within — our fair city of Vancouver, we can experience peace and tranquility and be immersed in spectacular natural settings without going far. In fact, we can achieve this by heading off in practically any direction of the compass. One appealing destination for a weekend away, or even a simple Sunday

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Fine Dining With Health in Mind

Sparkling white soup bowls are placed before us, each with a cluster of exotic salad greens at its centre.  Our charming server pours a creamy green soup into our bowls from an elegant pitcher, and the greens become a leafy island. Thus dinner begins: a Spring Pea Veloute garnished with Lemon Scented Baby Herb Salad.

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