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Nondairy Calcium: Why? How?

In recent months, this column has touched on our food choices and their impact on global warming. Since the Food and Agriculture Organization’s recent report “Livestock’s Long Shadow”, many of us are choosing to be part of the solution, rather than worsening the problem. The FAO report confirmed that livestock, including dairy cattle, are a […]

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Vegetarian (Vegan) Holiday Meals

During the holidays, young people return from college, relatives arrive from near and far, and we connect with seldom seen friends. For an estimated one family in four (and the number is growing), festive holiday meals must be adjusted to accommodate one or more vegetarians. These include young people with concerns about animal rights and […]

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Baked Potato Bounty

On crisp autumn days, we welcome our return to a warm home. It increases our pleasure to be greeted by the scrumptious aromas of potatoes baking in the oven and a savoury soup simmering on the stove. Vegetables such as potatoes and yams are welcome features of fall menus. The potato originated in what is […]

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Organic: Simple, Healthful, and Close to Nature

Organic eating has gone mainstream. Responding to consumer demand, supermarkets now feature centrally placed organic produce sections. Over the past decade, the organic food industry has increased at 20 percent per year. What drives this growing support for organic food? Not surprisingly, savvy consumers figure that if a whiff of pesticides can kill bugs dead, […]

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Savoring Winter Squash

As we move into the season of winter celebrations, we welcome warming meals shared with family and friends. Winter squash has many appealing qualities: these hearty vegetables form attractive, edible centerpieces at festive dinners; their dense texture is richly satisfying; they are rich in fibre, B vitamins such as folic acid and thiamin, and the […]

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