Raw Foods

Fine Tuning Your Fat Intake

February is heart month. Whereas past research focused on the amount of dietary fat as a trigger for cardiovascular disease, we now know that both quantity and qualityof fat impact our blood vessels. From “The New Becoming Vegetarian” (US title), “Becoming Vegetarian” (Canadian title),  by Vesanto Melina and Brenda Davis, here are 6 steps to making the …

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Spring Cleaning

When in doubt, throw out! It’s time for the honoured rituals of spring-cleaning (of home and body). Unless you’re of the “Why Clean? It Will Only Get Dirty Again” school of thought, read on. Over time, our body has accumulated toxins, often stored in fat cells. These may have come through diet, use of prescription …

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Dietary Dilemmas and Diplomacy

Will you share holiday meals with family and friends who range from turkey-loving carnivores through to vegetarians, vegans, or raw foods entusiasts? With such diverse tastes to satisfy, creating a festive menu presents a challenge. Here\’s a typical scenario, plus a few possible solutions. Each year, a different member of your family takes a turn …

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