Protein Foods

Facing the World Without Egg on Our Face

People eliminate egg from their diets for numerous reasons. These range from its prominence as one of the top eight allergens, to health concerns (fat and cholesterol), to animal rights reasons. (1) (2) Egg contains several proteins to which many people react; most are in the white. Even when white and yolk are separated, there …

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Salubrious Sustenance

Our perceptions about diet and health have undergone remarkable transformations during the past half-century. Fifty years ago, the hot topics in nutrition were protein-calorie malnutrition, deficiency diseases, and the recent discovery of the last of the thirteen vitamins. Today, while undernutrition continues to be a tragedy for one in six humans, an equal number are …

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Savoring Winter Squash

As we move into the season of winter celebrations, we welcome warming meals shared with family and friends. Winter squash has many appealing qualities: these hearty vegetables form attractive, edible centerpieces at festive dinners; their dense texture is richly satisfying; they are rich in fibre, B vitamins such as folic acid and thiamin, and the …

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