Protein Foods

Compassionate Choices

If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian. – Sir Paul McCartney It baffles me that so many ‘animal lovers’ can chow down on a chunk of animal flesh. People attribute human emotions to their pets and take their beloved pup, cat or bird to an animal clinic when medical care is needed […]

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Fast Food for Health

Teachers in our schools are supplied with a multitude of resources from the closely aligned meat and dairy industries. These materials are designed to establish in children’s minds the idea that we must eat meat to obtain iron and that cow’s milk is essential for bone building in humans. Neither of these industry-derived fabrications is

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Healthy, Delicious, and Easy (Family Meals)

At last we can celebrate spring and spend more time in the outdoors! Here is a list of simple or collaborative meals for when you return home. These and similar ideas are from Raising Vegetarian Children by J. Stepaniak and V. Melina (McGraw-Hill 2003). 1. Create a spread of make-your-own-tacos. Set out taco shells or

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Healthy Travels

In addition to taking a little extra vitamin D, I typically try to go somewhere sunny for a week or two during our grey days of winter and early spring. In March, I had the opportunity to attend the Fifth International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition, this year in California. (Program overview at www.vegetariannutrition.org/program-overview.html). This conference,

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Nondairy Calcium: Why? How?

In recent months, this column has touched on our food choices and their impact on global warming. Since the Food and Agriculture Organization’s recent report “Livestock’s Long Shadow”, many of us are choosing to be part of the solution, rather than worsening the problem. The FAO report confirmed that livestock, including dairy cattle, are a

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What’s For Dinner (Vegetarian-style)?

Recent columns in Common Ground have explored the effects of our food choices on global warming and on other crucial environmental issues. It’s clear that including more plant-based meals and going organic is a gift to planet earth and to future generations. Here we help you add some healthful, delicious, and simple meals to your

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Vegetarian (Vegan) Holiday Meals

During the holidays, young people return from college, relatives arrive from near and far, and we connect with seldom seen friends. For an estimated one family in four (and the number is growing), festive holiday meals must be adjusted to accommodate one or more vegetarians. These include young people with concerns about animal rights and

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