A vibrant plate with sections of ready-to-eat carrots, kale , red pepper, bean sprouts, broccoli, squash, red cabbage, green beans & cucumbers with sautéed tofu cubes in the middle.

Plant powered? Here’s how to make sure you’re getting enough protein

Plant powered? Here’s how to make sure you’re getting enough protein B.C. authors looks to bust myth that plant-based diets lack protein. Author of the article: Aleesha Harris  Published Jun 09, 2023 In the Vancouver Sun. Gado Gado from Plant Powered Protein: by Brenda Davis, RD, Vesanto Melina, MS, RD and Cory Davis, MBA, PAg. […]

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A variety of raw / uncooked sources of plant-based protein displayed neatly.

Plant Protein: getting it right!

by Vesanto Melina and Mio Lainchbury and Arooj Hayat, Moving towards a plant-based diet can initially raise questions about whether you’re getting enough protein—especially if you’re not up on the science. If you’ve been on a plant-based journey for some time, you’re already aware of the many rich protein sources available, especially legumes (beans, peas,

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A kale salad with red peppers arranged to look like a decorated wreath.

Celebrate with Compassion

Celebrate with Compassion By Vesanto Melina, MS, RD Across North America and Europe, people are choosing plant-based meals and the trend is accelerating, especially among young people. So you are likely to have at least one vegetarian or vegan at your holiday dinner table. They may be making this choice because they have learned from

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A variety of raw vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds that are all sources of protein.

Redefining Protein Quality:  What’s New About Protein?

by Vesanto Melina, MS, Registered Dietitian A paper published by the American Society for Nutrition makes the case for modernizing the definition of protein quality. This is a welcome development. The current definition is outdated and fails to protect public health because it assesses how well various proteins meet human requirements based solely on digestibility

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Fancy toasts decorated with a variety of plant-based foods.

Why go more plant-based?

by Vesanto Melina A half-century ago, vegetarian and vegan diets were viewed with concern by health professionals. In decades since, these have been the focus of vast amounts of research. Today, a dietary shift in the direction of plant foods is regarded as a very positive step by knowledgeable dietitians, MDs, nutritional scientists and by

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A gathering of like-minded people.

Plant-based Meetups

by Vesanto Melina Some people call our fair city “Vegcouver”.  One reason is that when we go to the helpful guide for plant-based eating, www.happycow.net , and search Vancouver BC, we find no less than 99 listings. (These include vegan and vegetarian restaurants.)   If we narrow our filter just to vegan restaurants, we still end

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Something fishy

08/09/2017 +Share NUTRISPEAK by Vesanto Melina Fish has long been viewed as an ideal protein source and the significant source of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids such as DHA. Health authorities have sometimes advised people to consume at least two servings of fish per week. Globally, an estimated one trillion fish are caught each year, excluding illegal

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Going plant happy

08/07/2017 +Share NUTRISPEAK by Vesanto Melina Catherine Jones and Stéphane Lahaye Are you interested in pursuing a plant-based lifestyle but don’t know where to start? Read on for easy ways to swap out animal products for plant-based alternatives that still provide all the nutrients you need. “How can I get enough protein?” is one of the

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